ted berry - managing director


job description

They call me the boss, but I know better; my job is to create a 'thinking out of the box' environment for an excellent team consisting of youth and experience. The team enjoy applying their thinking to ensure our clients are always challenged to maximise their business opportunities. I’m a member of that team! We also like to have a bit of fun.

Longevity sums up my experience, I can even remember Nottingham having 2 good football teams! I continue to work mainly for the challenge that various projects bring and with some products I have had plenty. I take most from the job in seeing and sharing success with companies and especially individuals. I have worked at the dizzy heights of corporate life and in the less glamorous side of coal mining, however I must confess that the most rewarding experience is working with a well blended team and sharing their success.

favourite things

  • Where to start?... It used to be seeing Brian Clough's team beating Manchester United and Arsenal. I try not to look now.
  • When the weather allows - a family garden day where I now fail to re-live my cricketing and football prowess of 50 years ago, being unable to match the pace of the grand-children, but these days are special.
  • Dinner and chats with the family, sharing their experiences and helping if possible or allowed.
  • Getting a birdie on any golf course, they used to be mundane but are now a protected species for me.
  • Bringing one of our horses into the winner’s enclosure.
  • Getting off the beaten track and finding the true culture of various countries.
  • A glass of whisky and a good book at bedtime.
  • A good night’s sleep.

favourite food

  • Fish, Fish and Fish in that order.
  • Traditional Japanese food. I have been lucky enough to taste some of the best in Japan.
  • Sea food in the Custom House restaurant with views of the Opera House and Sydney Bridge.
  • Sunshine’s tin shack on Nevus beach. Excellent fish and the best rum drinks in the Caribbean.
  • Captain Cod, Camps Bay, Cape Town.
  • Alternatives would be Satay or a Chinese meal at the Mandarin, Kuala Lumpa, Dim Sum at the Oriental Bangkok, or a steak at the Mandarin, Hong Kong. However one of my favourites from the past was a fresh, home-grown, greenhouse tomato and cheddar cheese on freshly baked, home-made bread. I can still smell the tomatos.

favourite drink

  • Too many to mention! It’s just great to be able to appreciate the taste of all that’s available. A different one for each occasion...
  • A cold beer (real ale) after working in the garden or a round of golf.
  • A large Tanquery Gin and Tonic before a night out or lazing by a pool.
  • A rum and coke on a hot day in Spain.
  • Any fine wine with a meal.
  • A nice dry Italian white wine on a hot day in the garden.
  • I enjoyed a grappa when it cost 2p a bucket; it doesn’t taste right at £4.50 a glass and it’s the same Grappa! Damn advertising agencies have a lot to answer for.
  • A whisky sour, an old fashioned Southern Comfort. Honestly, I’m not an alcoholic, but in my eyes the day hasn’t finished until I have had my tot of whiskey before bed.
  • Nearly forgot a good green tea.

favourite places

  • I have been lucky enough to travel extensively and there are many places I remember fondly, but some of my specials outside of UK would be...
  • Sydney for its cosmopolitan, laid back atmosphere and excellent fish.
  • Nikko, Japan in autumn.
  • Shanghai for the hustle and bustle of a city being reborn.
  • Tokyo for the civilised city life.
  • Datai beach, Langkawi for swimming and a golf course to remember.
  • My favourites are closer to home and Italy for me is best. A trip around the Almafi coast from Sorrento, around the coast to Possitano and on to Ravello, then back over the hills, through the forests to Sorrento. Including time to try the excellent food, scenery, swimming and generally people watching whilst viewing a sunset from one of the many squares.
  • However, my most favourite place is our garden on a sunny day.

favourite music

  • As with drinks, it varies depending upon the occasion.
  • I like most music from the classical to R&B.
  • Traditional jazz is a lifelong friend and I still enjoy the occasional visit to one of the few pubs that continue to support it.

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