scott bithel - commercial manager


job description

I am responsible for all commercial aspects of the business and it is my job to maintain an efficient customer facing sales office. I provide a link between some of our major clients and the rest of the Gallant team and am involved with overseeing the professional processing of enquiries, procurement, sales orders and invoicing.

favourite things

  • That strange game, resembling something formerly known as football, currently practiced by Nottingham Forest!
  • Watching original, innovative, live, talented, stand-up comedians (and Ricky Gervais).
  • Classic comedy programmes including Dad's Army, Only Fools and Horses, Open All Hours, Alan Partridge, Phoenix Nights.
  • Socialising with friends.

favourite food

  • Barley, Hops, Yeast and Sugar.

favourite drink

  • Water combined with the above.

favourite music

  • Indie / Rock- specifically, Oasis (not the drink), Sir Paul Weller, Stone Roses and Arctic Monkeys.

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