marta szeremeta - administration manager


job description

I am responsible for ensuring that everything runs nice and smoothly behind the scenes and I undertake this in several ways; firstly, I implement and maintain the filing structures for all client projects, ensuring that everyone in the office can find exactly what they need, exactly when they need it. Getting this lot to put things back in the right place is never easy, so I keep both electronic and hard copies of all documents which may cover all aspects of the business.

I also look after the directors, providing them with full secretarial support, generate business and legal letters to both suppliers and customers, receive and process orders, manage all financial administration, organize business meetings, travel arrangements, catering and necessary hotel bookings for all members visiting Gallant in Nottingham and oh, I laugh at the Director’s jokes – well someone’s got to!

Due to my interest in Human Resources, I also take care of the implementation and maintenance of effective HR function in accordance with all relevant employment legislation.

favourite things

  • I love tennis; for years my parents forced me to play it. It was a chore back then when I was a teenager, now it’s my passion.
  • Oh, and I love skiing... every winter skiing is a must for me.
  • Also yoga is a cool thing, but I do it on and off, depending on the mood swing.
  • Traveling! I can happily spend all my savings on it! Within last 12 months I have been lucky enough to visit New Zealand, Hong Kong, Zimbabwe and Iceland. It’s so cool to have international friends in each country and spending time with the locals is priceless!
  • Although I have a BA degree in Tourism & Hospitality Management, I tend to always pick the most uncommon holiday destinations with “no plan” – as my vacation plan. 5* hotels, and schedules are not for me; I prefer spontaneous holidays.
  • Oh, and I am obsessed with flowers. There is never a day in my flat when I wouldn’t have fresh-cut flowers. Sunflowers and Tulips are my favorites, but I don’t like Roses, surprisingly.

favourite food

  • All kinds of sea food. (I love lobster and mussels!)
  • Spanish paella.
  • Italian cannelloni.
  • Greek moussaka.
  • Swiss fondue.
  • Ghanian risotto with fish and herbs. My nanny was from Ghana and I was brought up partly by her.

favourite drink

  • Gin & Tonic.
  • White dry wine; Chilean
  • On daily basis: water & squeezed lemon. (I don’t like sweet liquids).
  • Worth noting that I sincerely don’t like beer, and I am not a big fan of coffee.

favourite music

  • Contemporary Jazz, South American blues, Black gospel.

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