darragh murphy - account executive


job description

Being the youngest in the office my main role is to make the coffee.

Aside from that, I major in marketing here. Bringing fresh and new perspectives to the table and thinking outside the box is my forté, as is creating and developing new relationships with clients and suppliers.

I manage the marketing projects and make sure all the pieces of the jigsaw fit together, co-ordinating the clients, printers, creative team and everybody else that fits into the equation to get a fantastic end result for all parties.

I also provide entertainment in the office with my metal bending and card skills.

favourite things

  • Bicycle: Ghosts, Red 808s, Black Tigers, Centurion 909s.
  • Tally Ho: Black Fan Backs, Viper Fan Backs.
  • Bee: Black Split Spades, Red/Brown Un-Clipped Wynns, Lions.

The above are the variety of cards I am using most at present. Ranging from $5 - $70 a pack... I like cards.

  • I'm a mentalist/Magician so I love performing, I like being on stage, but I prefer to perform right up in peoples faces! *Available for booking!*
  • I also love my MacBook, but I'm sure I'd love Dan's Mac Pro more.

favourite food

  • I love pizza, be it a high quality 5 star restaurant pizza, or a Pizza Hut pizza - I miss the edge. They have now discontinued that base, but the domino's ultra thin base is almost as good. Meat Feast is the way forward.
  • I actually used a single Domino's 50% voucher 8 TIMES through the use of subliminal suggestion and psychology as I AM 'the Real Hustle.'
  • Also, China One rates highly - Meal B for me please Grace!
  • All you can eat chinese such as Big Wok and Flaming Dragon. Awesome.

favourite drink

  • I'm a big fan of high impact cold drinks like Relentless, Red Bull and also something as simple as a good old can of Sprite Zero when I'm hard at work.
  • I don't drink alcohol so it's coca cola for me in the pub, or an apple and raspberry j20 dashed up with lemonade in a pint glass with ice. Maybe a squeeze of lime.
  • Despite my dislike of alcohol, I make great cocktails from a few years experience in the bar trade. It also taught me how to throw bottles in the air and catch them.

favourite places

  • The Ruskin Hotel after the Blackpool magic convention so I can hang out with my magic colleagues from around the world.
  • In front of my MacBook.
  • The Cinema with my main man 'The Amazing Pat.' (Ref. Scott for that title)
  • In front of a big television watching one of my 400 horror films. Maybe an Argento classic.

favourite music

  • Sticking with the performance theme I played in death metal bands for about 5 years, I still enjoy the music, but also like industrial, female fronted metal (ie Flyleaf as opposed to within temptation) and Emilie Autumn. Who is to be my wife.

favourite links

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